Aktiv Ungdom Skellefteå

Dance for Ukraine

Dance for Ukraine

'Aktiv Ungdom Skellefteå' is a youth organisation whose main purpose is to give children a meaningful environment that may spread joy and create interest in dance and related activites. 

We are currently planning to start dance courses for children from Ukraine. The age bracket for the planned groups are between 4-6 years and 7-10 years but that may be changed depending on the instructors skill set. The courses are free of charge since we have obtained funding from other sources.

The instructors will be teaching in Russian and/or Ukrainian. See under https://www.aktivungdom.se/forening/skelleftea/available-jobs for information about instructors.

Planned start is early september. Currently we are have two courses for ages 4-6 years; one group is in Boliden and the other in Skellefteå, Anderstorp. Further courses for older children may be available depending on interest and available instructors. Please e-email us if you are interested in other locations so we can see if there enough interest at for example Byske.

Parents may apply for the courses by sending an e-mail to us at skelleftea@aktivungdom.se with the following information:
  • Preferred location for course (e.g Boliden, Skellefteå)
  • Name of the child, date of birth (year, month, day)
  • Phone-number to parent (if available)
  • Adress
Please note that we need name and date of birth of the attending child for insurance purposes.

Contact information:
  • E-mail: skelleftea@aktivungdom.se
  • Phone: +46 (0)72-510 13 70 
  • Office hours: Monday to Thursday between 10-16