Aktiv Ungdom Skellefteå

Available Jobs

'Aktiv Ungdom Skellefteå' are looking for instructors to create and lead activites for children from Ukraine.

We are a youth organisation whose main purpose is to give children a meaningful environment that may spread joy and create interest in dance and related activites.

As part of this we are currently looking for people who are interested in leading activites for children from countries such as Ukraine. Our requirements for such an instructor is age 15+ years, previous experience in dance or teaching children. Proficiency in Ukrainian or Russian and English (or Swedish).

Our suggestion is to create groups in age brackets between 4-6 and 7-10 years, but if interest is sufficient we may also run a group for older children. It is possible to have two instructors at the same course but then the number of children may also increase.

  • Max numbers of children per course is 16, with two instructors 20. In order for the course to be run we require at least 8 participants.
  • Number of planned lessons are 10. They can be held several times in one week if that is required, but we recommend once per week. Please feel free to discuss this with us.
  • Lesson time is 45 minutes, but instructors get paid for the full hour.
  • Payment scale depends on age and experience but average is 130 SEK/hour.
  • Instructors will get reimbursed for expenses for bus travel, and we can also pay 18,5 SEK per 10 kilometers if using a car.
  • We can also pay extra hours to the instructors in order for them to create a course program. Please note that this time is limited.
The only requirement we have for the attending children is that they must give us their names and date of birth (year, month, day) and contact information to their parents (phone) and their adress. This is required so we can have them insured in case of accidents. The same also applies for the instructors. If the participants have recieved a Swedish Social Security Number that must also be listed in their application (children as well as instructors).

A list of all children that are to participate will be issued by our office and an attendance check must be done by the instructors a start of each lesson. This attendance list must be signed by the instructor(s) and turned in at end of course.

We will start the activites from end of august unless the courses are delayed due to not enough participants.

We can be reached at skelleftea@aktivungdom.se or phone 072-510 13 70. Our office hours are Monday to Thursday between 10:00-16:00, Fridays between 10:00-14:00.

Please note that there are special restrictions that apply if you do not have permanent residence or are not listed in the Swedish Population Register. In such case we require a Coordination Number issued by Swedish public authority so that we can pay you accordingly to Swedish taxation laws. For further information please visit https://tinyurl.com/Tax-Agency